AVN’s Inequality & Segregation Needs to Stop!

Let me start by expressing this post is only about about the unfairness and inequality of how they treat transsexual nominees at AVN.  If you are reading it for any other reason, move on!  This has been going on for years, and many Transsexual performers and non-transsexual performers/fans who support the ts genre are fed up! 

The inequality and segregation of mainstream nominees and transsexual nominees needs to stop! In my opinion if you are a nominee of an award show, you should be treated with respect and be able to take your moment to shine like any other nominee.  I know many will say “why do you care?  It’s just an award show GEEZE!”  The reason you should care if you a transsexual nominee!  It’s an award show that gets played on Showtime, and has some of the biggest media camps interviewing on the red carpet.  Something that could push a your career farther or the transsexual genre farther. Exposure is everything in this business, and you are missing on a lot of it!

Yes, transsexual performers are allowed on the red carpet, but when it comes to interviews they are taken off the red carpet so they can be “hidden”. If somehow a transsexual gets interviewed by one of the host for Showtime it’s edited out. Transsexual performers are also not allowed to walk up and receive their award and it’s announced at the end so it’s not part of the show. The award will be mailed to the winner. While every other mainstream star/company gets to walk up and accept their award. They treat the transsexual genre like a pack of animals put in a cage. To me it’s basically a form of segregation! Isn’t it funny a mainstream award show is more accepting to transgender individuals than a porn award show?  They interview stars who have done mainstream roles like Yasmin Lee and Candis Cayne all the time on the red carpets. Yet, AVN is stuck in the past of segregation.

Past nominees and winners have to thank Joanna Jett for the transsexual niche even being part of AVN.  She is the one who fought for transsexuals to be part of it, but now the fight is to have transsexuals stars given the same respect and privileges of the mainstream stars at AVN. Why should someone be pushed aside, because they are transsexual?  I love DJ Chi Chi Larue, and AVN Must too! They parade Chi Chi who is a drag queen all over the stage, but somehow in AVN’s opinion a transsexual is just too TABOO.  I personally think they are scared at how beautiful some of the transsexuals are today, and don’t want the ts performers to outshine the females. Since so many female performers with their collagened up lips and big tits look like a stereotypical transsexual.  Transsexuals in general are looking better today, due to transitioning younger, better surgeries, and better hormones. Some you would never guess unless they were naked.

What pushed the limit this year for me and many others is three ts performers were made to wait in line with the fans. Two of which were nominees. Brittany St Jordan who wrote her own article on the matter, and Jesse Flores. The other ts performer was Michelle Austin. From what I was told, the handlers of the red carpet were telling nominees to move to the front of the line to walk the red carpet. That way they didn’t have to wait, since they only have so long to walk it before the award show begins.  When Brittany informed the handlers they were nominees for transsexual performer of the year, they were told to wait in line with the fans while other mainstream stars were ushered onto the red carpet.  Instead of enjoying their moment they were put in fan line which took them three hours to get onto the red carpet. Let me be fair though there were other ts-girls who got the same privileges to move to the front of the line, but those performers had PR teams and friends in the industry. To put more fuel on the fire Jesse was ushered into a hallway after walking the carpet, instead of being able to give a single interview. Interviews that may of pushed her brand and given her some mainstream coverage.

Year after Year transsexual girls flock to the award show hoping to get some recognition for their hard work. Then year after year leave disappointed. I personally only take part in the fan shows, so I can meet my fans.  I do not support an award show that doesn’t treat all nominees to the respect and treatment they deserve. I am very proud of XBIZ for treating all of it’s nominees equally.  They realize that most men that watch “straight” porn, watch transsexual porn.

For ones still wanting to say why should I care or why are you bitching! How do you think mainstream stars like Jesse Jane and Jenna Jameson made it big besides their beauty?  They were pushed in someone’s face, exposure!  Ads were taken out on them, interviews, tv appearances, and more.  If you are building a successful brand you need all the exposure you can get. That’s how STARS, become stars and every facet of the entertainment business.  Why many girls pay 500 to 2000 dollars a month on a PR team to expand their brand. 

I find it pathetic networks and movie studios like NBC, Showtime, Warnerbros, and more will feature a transsexual in a show or movie with no problem.  Then a industry built on sex and supposed to be open-minded shy away from it.  They are too scared to take the same initiative.  More people are becoming more accepting and even bi-sexual if not poly-sexual.  Not to mention AVN many men who watch TRANNY PORN, watch STRAIGHT PORN.  They are not or do not feel they are gay.  Many are only into women and transsexuals. Stop living in the 1980’s and move onto the future of acceptance and equality.  Segregation is disgusting, and you should be ashamed of yourselves of how you treat the transgender niche!

Please if you agree with me or would like to add your complaint write into pr@avn.com 

You can also fax and write in

AVN Media Network, Inc.
9400 Penfield Avenue
Chatsworth, California 91311 USA
818.718.5788 tel 818.718.5799 fax

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